#2: Kyras Erfolgsgeschichte


I started training in 2016 at CFA in Stuttgart. Crossfit is the sport that I do because I know I would never do a sport with that intensity on my own. I do it because it is in a group. When I joined CFA I just did Crossfit for 6 months, so I had problems with many basic movements. After some time I improved already in many movements but at some point stagnation set in. I worked out 4x a week, but felt the stress from university and brought it to the classes. So at some point I realized that it was my choice to change something. Step after step I started to change my habits. I still had a lot to do for university and I am sure you are as well having a tight schedule, so don’t want everything at a time. After fixing my lack of sleep, I went for training 5x a week and not more than 3 days in a row for getting a good rest. That is what I discovered, your schedule might be different. So despite that, there was still the issue of not improving in weightlifting and conditioning. Burpees were painful for me. After finishing the semester I decided to change my nutrition. Less stress from university gave me the chance to focus on dieting. But before dieting remind yourself it is always your choice if and when you want to change something. I decided for the nutrition program from coach Olli. I didn’t have many expectations, I just knew it worked already for other people so why shouldn’t I try it? And the first 3 months, starting in March this year, went really good. Quite easy, I told myself, so why not continue?

I lost weight, didn’t have problems with self discipline, never cheated on a single meal and put everything on the scale before eating. In the end I looked very different than in the beginning, but I was not really stronger than before.

Due to an injury I concentrated on upper body work. And finally, in addition to continuing the diet, which basically includes that you can eat what you ate before but take care of the amount, I got my first butterfly pull ups.

The second round of dieting was a lot harder because it was about to keep what I achieved plus become stronger. I started to go eat outside and sometimes also included drinking a beer and eat a burger. Well I love to eat and during my dieting time chocolate was and still is my favourite sweet to fit in almost every day.

From that time on I improved in weightlifting and especially conditioning. I barely need any rest during a workout. Additionally, I started to work on mental training, basically reading books about how professional athletes deal with the daily confrontation of your inner self to the next challenge. Well I have to say that is still in progress and will always be.

At the moment, I live in California and I just started my third round which is pretty tough so far. I fixed my schedule of training 5x a week and try to improve every day.

So Crossfit Assault is the place where I trained for 2 years. It is the place which helped me to change my lifestyle. It basically helped me to improve my fitness level, always encouraged me to do more and believe in myself because we are able to do a lot more than we think and that is the message I learned this year. I am surprised of what I am able to do, not only physically but also mentally.

So if you really want to test your limits or just want to get a healthier lifestyle it is definitely worth trying Crossfit. Despite that, I often arrive in a bad mood to a workout because being exhausted of the day and thinking about the training, but as soon as you start, the motivation increases. The other people in the group don’t stop, so why should I? I can do the same or even better. What I discovered is, that my mood changes completely during a workout. Even after a stressful day, it makes you feel better and that is what Crossfit is about. Workout in a cool community, make new friends and training buddies.

#1: Elenas Erfolgsgeschichte


“All of you know the game “find 7 differences”.  If you look at those two pictures you actually see the same room, same furniture in the background even the mirror is the same but the person on the picture is not the same anymore. The most important differences in my life happened to me this year. 

Last year I made a decision to try new sport, namely CrossFit. To be honest at the beginning I was always asking myself: “What I am doing here?” –  strict rules like in the army, no easing of the restrictions, always pushing yourself to the limits, maximum effort, pain, sweat and tears. Then suddenly three months ago everything changed, CrossFit became a part of my life, which changed not only my body but also my mind. The four key elements that influenced this change are:

  • Assault box with it’s great atmosphere and all fitness equipment you need.
  • Assault community, a bunch of great people who share the same passion for sports and are always there to support you. Thank you guys for that.
  • Great coaches: Svenja, Brian, Ulli, Kirsten and Kate.
  • And last but not least the best headcoach and box owner, Olli, who is soul of this place and who is ready to provide his professional support 24/7.

I am glad that one day I decided to become part of Assault world.



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