#5: Coach Svennies Erfolgsgesichte


For as long as I can remember I always had been an athletic person and I loved playing sports and to workout. I’m that type of person that can never sit still, I have to stay active. I love challenges and I also love to show myself that I’m able to accomplish things that seem out of reach. If someone would’ve told me “you can’t play soccer” (only like a girl) I would’ve put an effort in it to get better. That´s how I am.

However, on the picture on the left you see me in a stage of my life where I wasn’t happy or healthy. At that time I had no self-esteem at all and I felt very uncomfortable in my body. My body changed the two years before from skinny/athletic to skinny-fat and I’m sure if I wouldn’t have had the chance to start with CrossFit I would probably be fat and sick today. A very stressful life (stressful relationship and work), worried all day long, lack of sleep and bad nutrition led to that kind of stage. I thought I was healthy. I worked out 5 times a week in different disciplines (volleyball, swimming, trampoline and light weight training and conditioning in the gym). I ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, but almost no protein. The only protein source I had was a small amount of yoghurt with some oatmeal in the morning. I ate meat, pastas or bread only once in a while. On top, with the goal of losing weight, I was under eating and I often skipped meals in order to get back into shape. I thought I was living a healthy life but my body said something different. I struggled with sleeping problems, migraine, sugar breakdowns in the afternoon, dizziness, I felt powerless, I couldn’t concentrate at work and my skin and hair turned dry.

I am very lucky and always will be thankful that Coach Olly crossed my path in 2016. He introduced me into the CrossFit world. He also tought me how to change my eating habits, not to get sick.

My first CrossFit Workout was Running, Deadlift and Toes-to-Bars – I will never forget it. It challenged me, and I did those TTB strict cause I didn’t know any other way and it was definitely tough, but I wanted to prove myself that I was able to do it. The atmosphere in the box was very supportive. One member screamed at me from the back and told me not to stop and I didn’t. That’s CrossFit! I felt happy and proud afterwards and then directly knew, that, that was the type of sport activity I was searching for.

From then on I didn’t want to do anything else anymore. My other sport activities turned boring, they didn’t fulfill me anymore. So I stopped with all of them and only concentrated on doing CrossFit – until today. With the help of coach Olly I changed my eating habits. I eat much more than before. Making sure that I get enough calories and that the macros are balanced.

What CrossFit Assault is for me and what it gave to me:

  • A coach that supports you and makes you better every day.
  • A supportive Community – a big family
  • A second home
  • A place to forget about work or other daily struggles
  • A place to focus on the moment
  • Different types of people united in one with the same goals in mind
  • More energy for my daily life
  • Better and restful sleep
  • Lesser stress
  • higher self-esteem
  • The body I wanted to have

I definitely feel better, healthier and stronger in my now early 30’s than I did back in my late 20’s. After two and half years of CrossFit I still look forward to go to the box and hangout with the people there. I‘m still working out 5 times a week, but the effect and benefits I have acquired with CrossFit are not comparable to any other sport activity I did in the past. I‘m happy to see the progress of every single person in the box. I find it amazing what someone can achieve if you do the work and put your mind into it.



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