#3: Sarahs Erfolgsgeschichte


„Sometimes the things you complain most about are the things you care most about… like Coach Ollys programming. 😂 However I can’t really complain when I see such amazing results. With the help of CrossFit Assault I was able to easily hang power clean my previous squat clean at 160lbs (squat clean now 15lbs stronger at 175lbs) 💪🏼These guys are kicking my ass, but my ass is getting stronger every day because of them!

People like these are why I love crossfit. I look forward to getting to see these amazing humans everyday. We get stronger together, we suffer together, we motivate each other, and we challenge each other. Thank you CFA for being my home away from home, and my new fitness family!

P.s Always remember to finish a lifting session with a smile and laugh because life is too much fun to be serious all the time!“



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