Program: 11.04.2018 – 15.04.2018


Mittwoch, den 11.04.2018

A: Gross Strength
Back Squat (20 RM)
• Goal: Establish 20 Rep max for the lift
• Execution: You should shoot to at #5 from the last time tested
• If you have not done this before, load to something that makes you
nervous about completion, will be a good starting point.
• If our have 1RM, try for 65% of 2RM as a start. If you don’t make it,
make it next time. Get a data point.

6 Rounds For Time

15 Box Jumps 24/20″
10 Pull-Ups

• Box Jump – Loading and landing position should be the same. If you
have to tuck jump to get on the box, it is too high or you are being
• Pull-Up – Get it done
• 6 to 10 Minutes
C: Accesory 

100 GHD Sit-Ups For Time

• GHD is an underutilized and typically used incorrectly.
• Take time to see the set up and movement with this video:
• Training the GHD is NOT the fastest way in an WOD.
• If no GHD, 300 AbMat Sit-Ups.

Donnerstag, den 12.04.2018

A: Gross Strength
Shoulder Press (5 x 2 E3M)
• Press five sets of two reps done every three minutes
• Warm-up to close to your 95%
• For the Press, do not make #5 or #10 jumps, this is where your
fractional plates come in handy.
AMRAP 12 Min

12 Hang Power Cleans 50/35 Kg
12 Push-Ups
12 Toes-To-Bar
• Hang can be from the hip or mid thigh
C: Accesory
10 Rope Climbs For Time


Freitag, den 13.04.2018

A: Gross Strength
Deadlift (5×12 E3M)
• The reps should be touch and go, there should be significant stress on
• The high reps sets require limited warm up and can be addressed in
the general warm up

AMRAP 15 Min

12 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Overhead Squats 40/30 Kg

 Use the same standard for burpees used in the open. Lean to cycle.
Front Squat (5×3 E3M)
• Warm-up to opener, should be within 5% to 10% of last 3RM.
• Work up to matching your former PR by your third set.
• The 4th and 5th sets should be PR attempts. (Use fractional plates)
B1: Accesory

Everyminute on the minute for 10 min

12 KB or DB Russian Swings 50/40 Kg

Rest 3 min before B2

For Time:

50 Deadlifts 70/50 Kg
40 Pull-Ups
30 Power Cleans 70/50 Kg
20 Bar Dips
10 Thrusters 70/50 Kg

C: Applied Strength
Hang Power Snatch (1 rep OTM 20)

No more than 80% – Stay light

• Work on turn over and make sure you make contact.
• No happy feet (to wide, to outwards)


Sonntag, den 15.04.2018

A: Applied Strength
Split Shoulder Press (E2mom, 5 Sets x5 reps (build up)
Clean and Jerk (E3mom, 5 Sets: 3 cleans + 1 jerk)
1-3@72.5% Of 1RM C&J
Overhead Squat (E2mom, 6 Sets)
1-2x3reps@75%, Of 1RM OHS
Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 x 5min amraps: 2 min Rest btw rds

10 Front racked lunge steps @ 40/30kg
10 toes to bar
10 goblet squats  16/12 Kg
1 rope climp